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Why did God choose Ezra to bring Spiritual Reform to the people of Israel?

God chose a scribe, priest, and scholar named Ezra to lead the nation to spiritual reform for several reasons. First, he was a student of the Scriptures, and was dedicated to studying God’s Word – not just to studying it, but to living it. Ezra would not have been qualified to lead God’s people had he only possessed a knowledge of the Word. He was a man of wisdom, also, for he took that knowledge and applied it to his daily life, putting the Word into practice as a “doer” of the Word, and not just a hearer. Ezra 7:9-10 says that Ezra devoted himself to the study of the Word of God. He didn’t study the latest theology books, or the latest theological journals, he went straight to the Source – the Word of God. He was qualified to lead the people in reforms, and thus called by God, because he studied and applied the Word to his life – thus “experiencing” the Word.

Another reason God chose Ezra is because Ezra didn’t just study the Word, he “observed” it too. This means that he was a “doer” of what he learned, practicing and applying it to every facet of his life. He was willing to abide by the Word, and he honored and respected it. Paul said in Philippians 4:9, “Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me – put it into practice”. This is exactly what Ezra did – whatever he learned through God’s Word, or heard from God, or saw through revelation from God, he put that into practice!

Ezra wasn’t just committed to learning God’s Word through study, nor was he only committed to observing God’s Word. He wasn’t satisfied with only those two activities. He was also committed to teaching God’s Word to others. He took responsibility to pass along what he both learned and observed in his life. He was a devoted leader and teacher, and had enough concern for the people of God that he desired they know and understand what he himself had learned from the Word. Ezra was the type of man who would have never been satisfied with a light study of the Word, and would not have been satisfied with keeping for himself the great truths of God he gleaned from Scriptures. As Gregory said, “what a teacher knows he must teach”. This was, no doubt, Ezra’s motto as well. This is why he was just the right candidate to lead God’s people in spiritual reforms, and was called by God to do so.


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