About Us (updated April 2013)

I spent my first 30 years living for Myke Harbuck. I will spend the rest of the 2nd 30 years (if the Lord choses to give me that much time) living for the Lord. My desire is to “redeem the time” lost when not walking with the Lord.

I married way out of my league! My wife Heidi is an awesome lady, and very beautiful, I might add…and the great part is…she doesn’t know I’m way under her league….so please don’t tell her, OK?!! She is the godliest woman I have ever known, she is my very best friend, and she supports me and cares for me in a way I could have never dreamed of!! She exemplifies Proverbs 31! As George Jones said….”She’s the rock that lean on, she’s the sunshine of my day!”

My kids are beautiful and a blessing from above!

~ Hannah Leigh, 8 years old,
~ Michael Jr, 7 years old,
~ Helen Joy, 4 years old.
~ Matthew, 2 years old.

They are so precious!! We also have 2 Maltese dogs, Abby and Libby, and 1 spoiled cat, Pretty Pearl, who is the apple of her mother’s eye!

I am a graduate student at the world’s most prestigious university (IMHO)- Liberty Theological Seminary! It’s been a dream of mine to go to this school for years. One day I hope to teach there, or at any Bible college. I am currently completing a Doctor of Ministry (DMin) from Liberty, and already hold an MA in Church Planting and Evangelism, a Masters degree in Religious Education (MR.Ed), as well as a graduate diploma in Jewish studies and archaeology  I also hold a BBA from Georgia Southwestern State University and a Bachelor of Arts in Theology (BA.Th) from Trinity Bible College.

I am a bi-vocational pastor of a small church in Centerville GA (middle GA), where my calling is simply to teach the Word of God and to equip the saints in our church for ministry. We are preparing to launch a new church this summer (July 2013).

For fun, in my “spare time”, I love to watch old Gunsmoke and Bonanza reruns, and to study church history, the doctrine of salvation, and Old Testament history/chronology.

My future aspirations include (in no order at all, and NOT in the immediate future):
~ Take my wife on a long vacation out west.
~ Learn to play the guitar.
~ Plant a church.
~ Finish my studies, including a D.Min or D.Ed (preferably).
~ Complete several books: one on a devotional series from Colossians; one on a devotional series from Revelation 2-3 (7 Churches); and one on Christian conduct in the church. I am currently working on a book on the the empty tomb of Christ and the authentic crucifixion and burial locations.  I hope to complete this by summer 2013, the Lord willing.

You can read more on our family and follow my wife’s blog here .
You can follow me on FaceBook here .


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